What It Takes To Be A Con Artist

Attached to the left is the picture of a man reading from a book and raising his hand in the fashion of an orator or public speaker.  Orators can often be skilled public speakers who periodically possess strong powers of persuasion.  They can convince people to believe anything they want them to.  I heard someone make a statement on the radio just the other day that really caught my attention.   The person said, "People believe what they want to believe".  That really caught my attention and I'll tell you why.

No one wants to believe they are the victim of a con game perpetuated by a con artist.  You know why?   Because to come to that realization makes almost anyone feel stupid and gullible and who wants to believe that about themselves?   It's no fun to come to the realization that you in fact were a gullible sucker and easily manipulated.  It's no fun to realize that you were foolish enough to become the easy victim of a con artist.   I posted a message on the previous thread and I kind of liked what I posted so I figured I'd start a new thread with it.  

I previously wrote...

Who knows???  With the NTCC leadership anything is possible because they certainly are masters of the cover-up and deception and that is not speculation or a conspiracy theory, that is a fact.  So I'd put nothing past the NTCC leadership which is why I entertain all accusations levied against them.  Just when you think an accusation against the NTCC leadership is too far fetched, they prove you wrong every time.  I'm not kidding.

Nothing I hear about them surprises me anymore because I have personal knowledge of so many conniving acts they've committed.  I mean these guys are crooks to the max and real deal con artists.  We throw the term "con artist" around quite often but I don't think the average NTCCer realizes how accurately that term fits the description of the NTCC leadership?  They are con artists. 

Con Artist definitions:

1: A person adept at swindling by means of confidence games; a swindler.  

2:  One adept at persuasion, especially at dishonest or self-serving persuasion.   

3:  A person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.

Now does that describe the NTCC leadership or what?  The first definition is outstanding.  That's the reason religious people make such good con artists.  They get you to trust them because who would doubt a soul winning Christian who teaches honesty?  Who would doubt a preacher right?  That's how they got me.  I trusted those con artist and that was the first and biggest mistake I made.  You have to gain the "confidence" of the people you con.  I know better than to trust the Kekel's or Olson but the average NTCCer trusts them blindly.  They appear to be one way but in reality they are the complete opposite.  

Christ described them best:   Mat 7:15  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Listen to this people and listen good!!!  Mat 7:15 is the one scripture that NTCC people ignore and overlook THE MOST!!!



To the left is a picture of the late R.W. Davis in his younger days; probably around the time that he knew Pam Morris (Norton).

About 7 years ago, I was on what was formerly known as the "Yahoo group".  Basically it was an Internet based social group of ex-NTCCers who were sharing their experiences, (horror stories) while in the NTCC. Pam Morse (Norton) was on the group and she posted this letter which she wrote to the group.  This letter came first hand from her. I was on the group forum the day she posted it.

Hey Don, read this entire post before you get half way through it and start blowing a gasket.      

Now this is not new news as it's been mentioned on this and DnA's blog.  DnA have it posted on their blog with a few additions/side notes but this is a copy of the legit original letter which Pam typed. Now before you read the letter, the reason I'm posting this is to get some opinions from our readers.  Don (from Don and Ange's blog) and I are friends and over the last several years have talked to each other on the phone frequently.  Well the biggest disagreement Don and I have ever had, has concerned this particular letter.   In the past,  I've made reference to this particular encounter between RWD and Pam as "Sex".  Don has made reference to this encounter as "Rape and or child molestation".  I don't see it as rape or child molestation and here is why.  I feel it's borderline rape but the reality is, it would be hard to prove in a court of law and here is why.   

 I certainly don't see it as child molestation because regardless of her age at that time, like it or not, Pam was legally married at the time that she admits in the letter to have quote "allowed" Davis to again quote "fondle" her and again as she said quote "to put it bluntly".   This would clearly suggest that at a minimum, there was some serious touching in a sexual nature going on.  

Secondly Don refers to it as RAPE.  Well I just looked up the word RAPE and the last part of the definition was quote, "without the consent of the victim" end of quote.  Well as Pam wrote in her letter in her own words, "I allowed" him to do this.  Well unfortunately for a prosecuting attorney or in this case Don, the statement "I allowed" clearly suggests consent and not only consent, but more importantly consent from a legally married woman, regardless of her age.  So from a legal standpoint, it's not likely with the evidence of this letter, that a court of law would have had much success convicting Davis of rape or child molestation but rather a "REAL" Godly church leadership would have found him guilty of adultery, abuse of power and strong psychological manipulation of a YOUNG married female.  

Could she have resisted?  Sure but that is a whole lot easier said than done in a cult when the leaders of that cult and specifically Davis have such control of your life.  Now, Diana Taylor said that Davis came to her place one time when her husband was not home and she flat out refused to let him enter.  But you know what, it's not the same for each person and Diana Taylor was no doubt more mature and Diana Taylor's mother didn't raise her in the organization like the sick, sad, sorry mother or Pam Morris (Norton) namely Barbara Norton Warwick.   Now Barbara Norton Warwick is a sick twisted woman.   

Do I think that Davis used and abused his position in order to gain the confidence of a YOUNG woman who was a member of his church and the wife of a husband who worked for Davis and was also his church member?  You better believe it.  Do I think that Davis manipulated a much younger woman, namely Pam, and used strong powers of persuasion to gain unsolicited access to her blouse and dress/pants?  You better believe it!!!  Do I think that Davis the con artist double standard hypocrite used proven known cult tactics to brainwash his church to such a degree that he could have so much control over specifically (young impressionable women) that he could manipulate this particular situation in such a way so as to get Pam to "allow" him to have sex with her?   No doubt.  

Now for the record, Pam did not say that Davis had intercourse with her but in my book, touching breasts, hand in her pants, and fondling is hardly any different and in most cases certainly leads to intercourse.  You can make a guy or girl get off with your hand or mouth, it doesn't take "private part to part" contact.  I'm not saying that Pam got off either.  Having said that, Davis wasn't just going by Pam's house "daily" to shoot the breeze, (the actually frequency unknown) so there was definitely some stuff going on.  If Davis could manipulate your mind, he could manipulate your body also, so to what degree that Pam "allowed" Davis' advancements, we'll never know, but I do know that Davis wasn't going by there to play tiddlywinks and he knew what he was there for and so did Pam.

Was Pam a victim???  You best believe it.  Rape victim?  In a court of law?  Possible, but somewhat of a stretch as to whether or not you'd ever get that one to stick.  Does Pam feel she was raped?  Most definitely.  She said so.  Is Davis a scum bag either way you look at it?  If you don't think so you are an idiot.  Rape, adultery, sex outside marriage....   Once I read this letter, Davis wouldn't have ever given me one ounce of spiritual advise and neither would Kekel or Olson for that matter.  Kekel and Olson are just a guilty as Davis because they brushed it under the carpet and ran Pam off to shut her up.   I wouldn't stay in the NTCC with this knowledge.  Your an idiot if you do.  Are you stupid enough to believe that Pam would have admitted to this if it never happened?  She said she allowed it for crying out loud.  Who would lie about that?   What benefit would it be to Pam to ADMIT that she allowed a man 3 to 4 times her age to have sex with her if it never even happened???   

So a while back, Don and I had our worst argument which seemed to have nearly broke up our friendship over this very topic and I'm interested in the opinion and comments from others after you read Pam's letter below.  

Letter from Pam Morse: 

He made sexual advances towards me when I was a teenager. When I finally did speak up and began to tell people such as Olson, he said he could not except it and it would be best for me to find another church to go to. He also said I had to have 3 witnesses. Kekel did not do anything. When I told my mother, one of her negative comments that she had made several years ago was, "Out of all the pretty girls, why would he pick you Pam? To this day we have no relationship because of this. She says that I'm lying and that God will judge me for this.
Davis knew what he was doing. He came to my apartment when Johnny was at work. (Johnny was employed by Davis and so he knew where he was at all times.) He told me I was pretty and he wanted to make love to me. He had his hands down my pants, on my breast etc and fondling my body to put it bluntly. I allowed him to do this. I really did not believe he was sinning at the time. I remember asking God "Why do you allow him to do this to me? Then he gets up and preaches fire and brimstone and yet the very next day he would do it all over again. I began to tell myself that it's ok. It's pastor. This is how sick I was in my thinking. Thinking it was ok and he could not sin.

He would also give me money. Sometimes, by the end of the week I had more money than my husband did. He would ask me where it came from and I told him Rev. Davis gave it to me. I realize now that he was basically paying me to shut my mouth. He did not love me like I thought he did, like a daughter. He was using me to get in my pants and that's all it was.


I Have A Legitimate And Sincere Question? Please Feel Free To Answer Anonymously.

In fact, I ask that everyone who responds does so anonymously.  I also ask that no one attempt to discredit anyones's answer.  I have  my reasons for this.  Additionally, I also started a thread below, so feel free to respond to that at anytime.  So here is my question?

What do you suppose will happen to you, if you are a Christian who is a tithe payer, or one who believes in paying tithe, and you completely stop paying tithe???   Or, what if you are a Christian tithe payer and suddenly, (for whatever reason) you no longer believe in paying tithe, and you completely stop paying tithe???  In either case what I'm asking is, will there be consequences?? Tangible consequences?? What will happen to you.  Legitimate question.  I'm curious to see as many responses as people are willing to leave and what people think and believe.  PLEASE POST ANONYMOUSLY.  Again, I have my reasons for making that request.  It will make this thread far more interesting.  

Also, feel free to give the reason for your answer to include scriptures if you think that's necessary.  Either way on that one. 



The Advanced School Of Theology, AKA Advanced School Of "Soak Your Brother Ology"

Vic Johanson wrote...

I used to attend RW's sham "Advanced School of Theology." Money was almost all he talked about. One time he was showing us how we should stick our money in Savings Bonds. He was doing the math on how much we would end up with investing $25/week. He made a decimal placement error in the calculations and had everyone thinking they'd be an order of magnitude richer than reality would dictate. It was like "stick $25/week in low-yielding government savings bonds and you'll be a millionaire in 20 years." Not by a longshot, Rodger.

The textbook for AST was "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill. Lots of good advice for secular prosperity, but Napopleon Hill was an occultist who believed in the Ascended Masters, evolved humans who have lived thousands of years and communicate via mental telepathy and can psychicly project themselves out of their bodies. Yeah, that was some really advanced theology, all right, especially for a "holiness" institution.

He did tell us the real secret though. It's OPM--"Other Peoples' Money." There he was telling us to our faces that the secret to his own wealth was the money he'd extracted by various means from other people (including us). From tithes, to dorm rent, to tuition, to "love offerings," to the tablespoon of salsa that they sold in the "fellowship" hall for 75 cents--all of it was designed to cause OPM to flow up the pyramid. Some people are willing to be users and abusers, and they prosper in NTCC. The rest go broke.

Chief wrote...

I sat through a few of Davis' investment teaching messages.  One was in Germany and I remember it quite well. Of course it was all a scam because in the NTCC, you never really had enough money to make any decent investments. You spent too much time giving it away to the NTCC and not enough time keeping it to invest.  I also listened to Davis tell everyone how he "prayed" to God that one day he'd become a millionaire and of course it happened.  Clearly Davis was preoccupied with figuring out ways to accumulate wealth which placed him in the category of having the "love of money" which the Bible tell us is the root of all evil.  OPM hey?  Well he sure got plenty of that because it all roles up hill in the NTCC.  

I wonder why I can't find one example in the New Testament Bible of this type of money exchange taking place in the early church.  Do we find evidence that Paul, James, Peter or John lived in a mansion or road around in a real nice chariot with big fat horses pulling it along?  Did the Apostles travel around in a large private sea going vessel compliments a bunch of tithe payers or world missions pledges?   Things that make you go hmmmm....

Chief's advanced school of investmentology.  Never give your money to rich millionaire church leaders.  If you want to give as unto the Lord, do it the Lord's way.  Give to people who need it like the fatherless or widow or the less fortunate in the church. 

Examples: Jam 1:27Rom 15:26 or 1 Cor 16:1&2 which by the way has nothing to do with paying tithe like the NTCC suggests in their doctrinal statement.  Compare Rom 15:26 and 1 Cor 1&2 and you'll see they are dealing with the same event.  These scriptures deal with taking up a collection for "POOR SAINTS" which contrary to what the NTCC teaches doesn't have jack to do with paying tithe.  1 Cor 16:1&2 defined in Strongs.  It's obvious if you know how to read and how to use your brain. This is another NTCC lie designed to mislead and deceive.  How about Acts 4:35?  When was the last time you saw Davis or Kekel try that one.  Davis and Kekel have taught that Peter and John were misguided socialists in Acts 4.   Amazing how they can twist the scriptures to suit their needs when it's convenient.  If you aren't sure what those scriptures are just click on them.  Mat 25:40.  That's what giving unto the Lord is all about.  Not paying tithes to some rich greedy multi mega millionaire like Davis and Kekel and watch them live like kings while you live from paycheck to paycheck.  


Out With Ashmore. Damage Control And The Smear

To the left, Mr. Kekel.  What more needs to be said.

I've received information regarding some statements which have been reportedly made by M. Kekel.  Now before I continue, please understand that this information is second hand which means that I didn't personally witness Kekel making these statements.  Having said that, I believe this information to be highly credible based on where I got it.  I will do my best to relay this information as closely as I possibly can to reflect what I heard.  

It's my understanding that during a service which Kekel was either a part of or actually holding himself, Kekel decided to start verbally discrediting someone who had left the New Testament Christian Chruch.  Apparently Kekel referred to this individual who left the NTCC as being "charismatic" or overly spiritual in nature and someone who believed in the gifts of the spirit.  At some point in Kekel's attempt to outwardly and openly smear this individual, Kekel said that "this person who used to be his (Kekel's) pastor, has now become his (Kekel's) enemy.  

Obviously there is only one person that Kekel could have been referring to; Ashmore.  So once again we see yet another instance where the NTCC leadership, (in this case Kekel) has elected to perform damage control while smearing the name of someone who decided to depart from the NTCC.   

Now let me speculate for a bit.  Very educated and informed speculation I might add.  Ashmore was sent to California to to pastor a church that was previously pastored by someone else. Ashmore had also previously been in a position of authority within the NTCC leadership holding what would be considered a higher position than a pastor.   So Ashmore gets sent to California to pastor, which if he continued in that position, would be considered a demotion by most accounts.  Why did Ashmore get sent to California?   I'm convinced I have the answer, and I'm quite confident that I'm very much on target with this one.  

For a long time, Davis was a strong supporter of Ashmore.  This is not speculation, but rather an absolute fact. I'm sure as time went on, that Davis knew that Kekel was anything but an advocate for Ashmore.  Kekel has proven that he has no problem voicing his feelings about someone, and that is also a fact.  I'm sure at some point, Kekel expressed his sentiments about Ashmore to Davis.  Well blood is thicker water which is self evident where the Davis, Kekel family was and is concerned and if you think otherwise you are extremely misguided.  Davis knew, (either because of his potentially soon approaching inevitable death or currently existing illness) that he would be out of the "NTCC leadership picture" and Kekel would take the reigns.  So for Kekel's sake, neither Davis or Kekel wanted Ashmore too close to Graham and they really wanted to move him out of the picture, so off to California Ashmore went.  Kekel was certainly jealous of the relationship Ashmore had with Davis and he wanted to eliminate any inevitable power struggles which he knew he'd have with Ashmore, so again, off to California Ashmore went.  

Kekel has always disliked and been intimated and jealous of anyone (who had risen to a position of authority) who Davis preferred, which definitely included Denis, because Kekel told me as much himself directly on the telephone.   Kekel told me directly, that he disliked Denis and I clearly understand why.  Davis liked Denis, and Kekel told me so, so it was obvious JEALOUSY, (on Kekel's part) bottom line.  If you think otherwise you are a straight up dummy.  

Ashmore and Denis both did something which Kekel has never done and Davis quite clearly recognized this.  They created a strong money stream due to their charisma and oratory skills, and they brought many more people into the NTCC than Kekel every could and Davis knew it, but again, blood is thicker than water.  So they had to get Ashmore out of the picture, and to make a long story short, they quite effectively "RAN HIM OFF".   The NTCC leadership is skilled at performing that task, as they are proven to be experts in the art of "RUNNING PEOPLE OFF"! They do this to people who they are either jealous of or intimidated by.  Who are they jealous of or intimidated by?  People who are more popular than they are.  

Well now, Ashmore is firing back, and though that may be a classic example of the "pot calling the kettle black", you can't blame Ashmore for defending himself even though for decades Ashmore has committed as many dastardly deeds as any other leader in the NTCC. Lastly, I strongly suspect that there is friction between Kekel and Olson and I have sound reasons for making this statement.  The NTCC is breaking apart at the seams.  If you have any sense at all, you'll get away from the NTCC while the gettin is good. If you're a pastor, (and you have a decent size church) you'll do well to take your church, forsake the NTCC name, and do your own thing.  If not, you'll eventually be left high and dry.  


The Million Dollar Trailer

To the left is a picture of Davis, (when he was alive) swimming in cash.  The dude in the picture actually kind of looks like Kinson.  Haha.  

The trailer I'm referring to is the serviceman's home in Augusta that has been there about 35 years, (an educated estimate).  I used to live in that trailer back in 1986 when I attended BNCOC in Augusta.  The pastor in Augusta (lower case p) at the time was Medrano.  A trailer like that back in those days probably cost maybe $20,000 - $30,000 if that???  Certainly not much more especially knowing Davis who naturally wouldn't pay top dollar for anything.  Can't blame him for that.  I actually wrote up a design for the steeple on the church building while I was in BNCOC.  That wouldn't have cost much either as it was very small sanctuary which no doubt got funded by donations from GI's and an over inflated rent charged by Davis.  Well back to the trailer specifically. 

Don wrote this statement:  That Trailer was there in 83 when I started attending church. I know it wasn't new either because there were pictures in an album from the previous pastor. The pastor at that time was Cyrius and before that I believe it was Taylor.  I'm not sure exactly what year it was purchased in but I know it's probably around 80 or 81, just a guess.

M. Reed wrote this statement:  Also when we were at Ft. Gordon, GA, the dumpy old trailer home which had been there forever was supposedly behind in payments when we arrived. I asked, when is this going to be paid off? Oh, it's coming. When? We got it current and kept paying until we left, and we never got an answer.

So here is the moral of the story. Lets assume that trailer has been there since 1980 which by all accounts is quite plausible and likely with Don being there in 83 and pictures of the trailer showing it there previously.  The point being, we all remember the trailer and the minimum amount of time it's existed as property of the NTCC. 

So assuming the pastor sent approximately $800 a month, times 35 years, times 12 months per year you come up with  $336,000 paid for a $22,000 trailer (approx) with a little small sanctuary which no doubt was paid for when it was built.  And this is why we, (Don and I) decided to title this thread "The Million Dollar Trailer".  Of course based on my rough estimates, $1,000,000 hasn't been shelled out for the trailer but $300,000 is an absolutely ridiculous amount of money to be sent to Graham for such an inexpensive dwelling.   This is just another example of how the NTCC leadership has SOAKED it's ministers over the years.  M. Reed was sending money to Graham for that trailer years and years after I lived there which is proof that the NTCC leadership will keep requiring payments on a building long after it's been payed for many times over and over and over again.  When are you NTCC people going to wake up?
Don't let the NTCC leadership confuse the issue here with the monthly payment amount because even at $700 a month, the servicemen and pastors would have shelled out $294,000 which is a down right rip off for a crummy little trailer with a match box sanctuary.   $30,000  at $700 a month would have been payed off in just over three years, 42 months to be exact. This means that the NTCC leadership has been incorporating the practice of EXCESSIVE usury, which we can find to be a forbidden practice in the Old Testament.  

Exo 22:25 If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him as an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury.

Lev 25:36 Take thou no usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase.

Deu 23:19  Thou shalt not lend upon usury to thy brother; usury of money, usury of victuals, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury:

Chief 25:36   Thou shalt not rent him thy serviceman's homes and church building for increase.  

The NTCC leadership which includes Olson, Kekel, Dead Davis, Defrancesco, Johnson and previously Ashmore are crooked money lenders who's main goal is to make an increase and exact usury upon their brethren.  This is wicked conniving crookedness.


The New Testament Christian Church Is A Real Estate Business, No More, No Less.

I Just found these comments on DnA's blog.  The answers to these questions are so obvious it's down right disgusting.  Additionally, you are blind as a bat if you can't figure out what the New Testament Christian Church leadership is doing.  Renting church buildings to the local churches is just another way for them to make money off the congregations and Pastors.  When are you all going to learn that the NTCC is nothing more than a real estate holding company?  We've been saying this for almost 10 years now.  We've written so many threads concerning this topic it's not even funny.   If you owned a house that you still had a mortgage on, would you tell the renters what the interest rate is or what the mortgage payment is?  Of course not.  The sooner you realize that the NTCC is not a church but a money making business, the better off you'll be.  
Real churches don't have a problem with full disclosure.  The NTCC leadership has ALWAYS had a problem with full disclosure and everyone knows that.  You are a dummy if you don't know that.  Stop giving your money to the NTCC!!!  With all this information readily available, I really, truly can't believe how gullible people can be.  Suckers; the real deal.  Anyway, written below are the comments I copied and pasted. 

Comment 1: My wife and I spent hours looking and looking we finally found something with a big area for a sanctuary and everything else that we were told to look for in a church building also a price we thought we could afford since our congregation was new and I knew we had to pay the mortgage. Next I contacted the leaders they came to check it out without me and decided they would buy it. I wasn't allow to be around for the buying process. I was told they might not want to sell it if I was there or want to use my credit and a whole bunch of other excuses. I had excellent credit at the time but I feared to argued because they taught to question the leaders was to disrespect God. So I wasn't present. J. Ashmore, J. Olsen, and another person that was on the board assured me that once the building was paid for it became that individual church's building and Graham would turn over the deed to the building to that church. I thought this is a good plan. The building needed painting and a few other things not anything major and it was listed for 76,000. Once everything was done I was contacted to go out to eat. I thought we were going to go over the paperwork but I was showed nothing. I was told your mortgage payment is 1300.00 a month. I about chocked on the food in my mouth that was nowhere near what I and my wife had planned for in payments. I said Oh there must be something I missed because I thought the payments would be a whole lot less. It was told me that there was more land that was not named on the paper I had, there was insurance, the yearly taxes, and so on. I said we can't afford this. I was then told, "Are you going to doubt like Peter or are you going to keep your eyes on Jesus and walk on water. Matthew 17:20 tells us " And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." It is all about faith brother all about faith."

That was the last time my credit was excellent. We ended up losing the house we were renting and I had to move my wife and kids to a very tiny little apartment. My kids were so disappointed because the house had a big basement to play in at night after our long days and the last people had left the backyard set up for kids. My kids had so loved this house. It had made the move to a new place much easier. We were told that God wanted to teach us something that is why we were there. That sometimes God has got to take you to the desert to show you things.

Comment 2:  As a pastor in NTCC, I know one of many things that has really bothered me. I wouldn’t write it here if they would only answer our questions. When we bought our Church and thankfully NTCC put up the funds, I asked, What is the interest rate? They would not answer me. They never send us a statement. How will I know when this is paid off? We’ve been paying for years, what is our current status? Nothing. Then I figured out it was probably equivalent to a 6.5% interest rate @ 30 years. Which at the time was great! But now, interest rates are at 3.75% and for a 15 year its down to 3%. So I asked, Can we refinance this loan and pay it off sooner and that would help us go full time sooner. As well as take off the burden of a mortgage payment off of the back of the congregation. He just looked at me. No answer. I thought to myself, This is really weird. Shady, really. After I am dead and gone, who knows if they will just keep on charging this congregation & pastor for a mortgage or for renting this place. It doesn't make any sense to me. I don’t understand why there has to be so much secrecy? Why not a mortgage statement? Why not an Escrow statement? Or at least give it out once a year?

Comment 3:  When we were in Lakewook, the NTCC had bought the property there and we were paying the mortgage payments.  One day the man that had sold the property came to see that church that was now using the building and house.  He was talking to Ralph St. Clair who was the pastor at the time.  He shared how he had given NTCC a good deal since it was going to be used for a church site.  They talked back and forth which lead Ralph St. Clair to discover that the payment was double the real mortgage payment. When asking the leaders about i,t he was told it cost to have the privilege to use one of NTCC's buildings and we are doing you a favor, so what are you complaining about and if it wasn't for the NTCC, you would have nothing.  As I listened to this exchange between the leaders and Ralph St. Clair I thought, "we have nothing". 


Forsake Not!!!
Why does the NTCC leadership recommend having so many services a week?  
Under what circumstances will a traveling NTCC minister refuse to preach revival services at your church?  I know the answers to both questions because I got them straight from the horses mouth, pun intended. 

For years NTCC ministers have been hanging on to one piece of scripture to justify their stance on having several services per week. They'll toss out this same scripture to compel you to attend each and every "revival" service being held in your local area.  They'll even toss it out to compel you to travel to the NTCC's annual conferences.  Which scripture might this be?  Drum role please....  "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together".   Ding, ding, ding, you got the right answer, you win the prize if you guessed Heb 10:25.  Of course it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out because I'll bet I've heard NTCC ministers quote that very scripture at least 2000 times and that my friend is a very conservation estimate.   So why, (with so many different scriptures in the bible) do you suppose that NTCC preachers focus so much attention on that one scripture???  That scripture may very well be the most frequently and commonly quoted Bible verse by every minister in the entire NTCC.  Why so much emphasis?  I know why and I got the answer straight from the horses mouth.  All you have to do is open your ears, open your brain, and listen. 

These NTCC ministers like to preach so much that they quite often run their mouths and open their hearts more than they probably should.  The reason NTCC ministers have been taught to hold so many services has little or nothing to do with Heb 10:25 and R.W. Davis, (the founder of the NTCC) made that very plain during conference and L.D. Jones made that very plain also.

In conference, with me sitting right there carefully listening, R.W. Davis told his pastors not to call Graham to state they were short on money if they weren't holding a full schedule of services each week.  Davis also said that the reason Pastors were short on money was because they were afraid to ask the people for more.  He said if they would hold the recommended number of services each week, (Thursday, Saturday, 2x on Sunday) and take up a offering each service and teach the people to give in the offerings, they should not be short on money. He DIDN'T say to hold more services to get people saved, he said, hold more services to MAKE MORE MONEY.  He even suggested taking up more than one offering per service if necessary and my current pastor at the time took that bait hook line and sinker.  He started taking up two offerings per service.  

L.D. Jones stated that he left Mayers church in Atlanta early and did not continue with revival because of this reason...  The church in Atlanta and more specifically Mayers wouldn't support him monetarily while he was there.   I was sitting right there when L.D. Jones made that statement.  So revival wasn't about saving souls because if it was, he would have stayed, money or no money.  Jones preaching for that church was "CONDITIONAL" on him getting paid, bottom line, plain and simple.  Having "so many" services a week isn't for the purpose of  maintaining your good old "salvation".  It's to raise more money for the church and the desires of the pastor, bottom line, end of story, plain and simple and Davis made that quite plain in conference.   

I have a very legitimate question.  How many services a week does it take to keep you saved?  2, 3, 4, 5????  And where are you getting your answer from in the bible?  Hebrews 10?  So I can take Hebrews 10 and convince you to attend as many services as I want you to and because Hebrews 10 doesn't give a specific number you are supposed to blindly follow my guidance?  And that is why so many NTCCers are broke and living from one paycheck to the next.  What happens every conference.  A push to raise pledge money and I could care less what Kekel says about being in the red every conference.  You NTCCers are victims of a con game and it's just that simple.  Your purpose in the NTCC is to provide NTCC pastors the means not to work on a real job, bottom line.  

Stanley Mayers, the pastor in the Atlanta church made this statement in church, during service and I quote, "I'm not working on no stinking Job" end of quote.  At the time he felt he was too good to work on a "stinkin" job because that is what he was taught by old RWD but you church members better work on a stinking job so you can support guys like him and his family in the stinkin NTCC.   Well guess what, I'm not under any circumstances supporting some STINKIN NTCC pastor.   If they need money then they need to go get a real "stinkin" job.  Five services a week my "stinkin" butt!!!!  If it takes 5 stinkin services a week to keep you saved, then Jesus never saved you in the first place.  


Being Too Blind, Proud Or Simply Not Having Enough Courage To Admit You Were Wrong

You could potentially drown and waste your entire life with the New Testament Christian Church.  Have you considered that?  Read on.  

Many people in the NTCC will either delay their inevitable departure from the church, or they simply will never leave at all for one of three reasons.   They are either psychologically blind, too proud or cowards; one of the three.  

I know this to be true.  Now for some of the newer folks, this rule may not totally apply but for people who have been around the NTCC for at least 10 to 15 years or more, this rule totally applies. You dogmatically preached to your family and friends insisting that the NTCC was the last great hope for mankind, and now that you know that it's anything but, you don't have the courage and or you can't put down your pride long enough to admit that you were wrong all along.  You are still sticking around because you can't bear the thought of your family, (who you dogged in the past because of your new found religious beliefs) asking you too many questions and wanting an explanation as to why you left the NTCC.  Your pride won't let you admit to your family and friends that you were wrong about the NTCC when they tried to tell you that all along.  Tell me I'm off the mark.   For that matter, most of you don't even have the courage to come on this blog to defend yourselves and or your church in a well thought out intelligent manner.   You are worried about what Mike Kekel might say from the pulpit when he learns that quote "his people" are frequenting this "ungodly" blog.  

If the NTCC is what you've been told, explain to me why Mr. Barnes left your church?  He was chosen by Davis and or the General Board.  Barnes was bragged on openly in conference by Davis himself.  What, they didn't pray enough before selecting him to be a pastor.  They weren't close enough to God to know that Barnes and Ashmore would  eventually leave the NTCC and basically take their entire congregations with them?  What about Denis; they didn't pray enough about him either?  How about Reed or Shunk?  Never touched base with the Lord on them either?  See, and this goes back to my original statement.  NTCC people are not in touch with God and the truth is, neither are you, but you are too proud, blind, or you don't have enough courage to admit that to yourself, your family and your friends.  

So you say, "Denis was a crook".  Ok fair enough, so then who placed him in such a high position of power within the NTCC prior to his double crossing deeds?  Someone with no insight?  Someone who didn't "pray" long enough about the appointment prior to making it?   What about Barnes or Ashmore?  Same story?  And don't you think it's ironic and coincidental that Ashmore flew the coop shortly after Davis' death.  So was Davis Ashmore's God all along or is Kekel a sorry leader or a combination of the two?  

You see, I don't have a problem asking these questions but you NTCC old timers don't have the courage to do the same.  Either that or you've been brainwashed into believing that if you do ask these legitimate questions, that you are being tricked by the quote "Devil" and entertaining evil thoughts.   What a joke.  What a complete joke.  

Anyway, does even one current NTCCer have the courage to come on this blog and defend your church?  Are you brainwashed into believing that God will defend your church and straighten me out on this one also?  I've been blogging on here for about the last 6 years and I've called your NTCC leaders every name in the book and I just keep getting blessed more and more since I started.   Davis was a conniving double standard crook. Kekel is the biggest hypocrite I've ever met.  Olson is a sorry piece of garbage who was no more than the creep who did his best to cover up Davis and Kekel's con games, double standards and womanizing practices.  And Ashmore?  Are you kidding me?  If you leave to go with him, you are doing no more than jumping straight out of a boiling pot in into a steaming kettle.   Ashmore only left the NTCC because he knew he'd never get a piece of the pie $$$ or because Davis was his God, period, point blank end of story.   What, it took Ashmore about 40 YEARS to figure out the NTCC was quote, "legalistic".   Are you kidding me?

I wonder how the heir to the NTCC gold mine is doing at his Catholic college?  The same college that you would have been blasted about from the pulpit if you would have sent your children there.  Someone who is currently in the NTCC needs to have the guts to come on here and tell me I'm lying.  If you are following Mike and Tanya Kekel you are one seriously lost individual.  


Kekel Has A History Of Inappropriate Behavior - You Decide

The picture to the left should be displayed outside the NTCC compound. 

The following testimonies were posted on-line (as far as we can tell) by current or former NTCC members and more specifically, (in some cases) women.    Kekel is something else.   I don't understand why any NTCCers follow that creep. 

Testimony #1: I cleaned M. Kekel's house before too. He hit me on the butt once. I went to Olson about it. M. Kekel claimed he bumped my butt accidently and nothing more was said. It bothered me but I thought I was in the wrong. This confirms I wasn't wrong. He hit my butt on purpose. I think he was testing to see what he could get away with before he tried more

Testimony #2: This is so sad. My wife told after we left NTCC that on a few occassions Michael Kekel's hand had slightly touched her butt when passing him. She was asked to clean his house but never did since he had made her nervous by the slight touching. She felt so guilty about it after leaving bible school. This might be why Michael never seemed to like me.

Testimony #3: We went before the board on something that was said over the pulpit and Kekel flat out denied it. I knew then that he will lie his way out of a situation.

Testimony #4: I was jealous of how much time Julie got to spend at Davis’ house, Ashmore’s house, and Kekel’s house. Now sadly I realize I had no reason to be jealous. I now am so angry that she was dragged to these homes.

Testimony #5: My wife is one of the ladies that cleaned for Tanya and some of the other ladies as well. She told me one day that M. Kekel was in the house and asked to speak with her alone. My wife knew she was to obey the Man of God but her gut just didn't set right. She finally stammered out sir I will gladly speak to you but I would like to wait until my husband is present. My other pastor told me it is not good to be alone with a man including the Man of God. M. Kekel didn't seem happy and told her she could go home. Nothing more was said and she was not allow back to clean. We couldn't figure out what that was all about since nothing happened and not much was said.

Testimony #6: Oh this is what happened that day. I was around that day she was told Kekel wanted to see her at the Lodge. Her son was just an infant. I didn’t see or hear her called to go see him but after she had already gone I was asked to wait for her. I was to take her to the motel where her baby was when the meeting was over. What I am about to say it hard for me to even type.

Julie got out. She didn’t seem okay in fact seemed pretty shook up. She walked or more stumbled to my car. I said Sis. Ridgeway what is wrong, what did you get in trouble for this time. I really didn’t know Julie at all but I had witnessed her being told before this day that one or more of the leaders wanted to speak to her. She got into the car she seemed in a daze. I had to help her get her seat belt on because she seemed unable to focus on the task at hand. What is wrong with this girl something isn’t right?

She starts rocking back and forth mumbling like she isn’t present at all. She said things like I don’t want to do this. I’m dumb stupid I’m yucky. I don’t like the bedrooms. Why must this happen? I want it to stop.

Chief wrote...

So do you NTCCers think all this stuff is simply fabricated and erroneous? Is Kekel the great, "man of God" as so many of you have supposed? I don't think so and in fact I know not. Kekel is a stone cold creep, double standard hypocrite who is touching your women and spending up your money and laughing all the way to the bank. Oh and for those of you who don't know, Julie strongly affirms that Kekel had sex with her in his house in Graham on more than one occasion. If you let your wife go to clean Kekel's house you are a dummy. If you are a woman and you've read these testimonies, and you still go clean Kekel's house, you must be looking for sex from Kekel. If you are an NTCC husband and your wife has read these testimonies, and she still wants to go clean Kekel's house, Kekel will probably have her bent over from the minute she walks through the door and he'll be right behind her pumping away and I'm not talking about pumping fuel at the gas station either. And lastly; if you you've read these testimonies and even a small portion of the rest of this blog and you've still decided to stay in the NTCC, you are a hypocrite, sucker and anything but saved because you are willfully following a predator / con-artist who's sucking up your money like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

Oh, and another thing. Olson is an absolute low down jerk, degenerate, double standard hypocrite huckster con-artist, wolf in sheep's clothing moron and a complete waist of oxygen. Pam Norton also went to Olson, because R.W. Davis was having sex with her and giving her money so she'd keep her mouth shut and Olson told her to go find another church. Olson is no more than an enabler of criminals, con-artists and creeps. Olson is worse than all of them. I have more respect for Kekel than him. At least Kekel does his own dirty work. Olson is the one who sweeps in under the carpet and covers it all up.


The Legacy Of R.W. Davis (Der Fuhrer Ist Tot)

There is one thing about my New Testament Christian Church (NTCC) experience which I will never forget.  It disgusts me more than all the corruption and abuse I witnessed in the NTCC.   It was a statement R.W. Davis made while blowviating in front of everyone during conference.  On this particular occasion, RWD was praising certain parents who he felt had influenced their children to attend the NTCS, (which for those of you who don't know) is the NTCC Seminary.   He proceeded to plainly and very directly state that an NTCC parent was a FAILURE as a Christian parent if their children didn't attend the NTCS.   He gave one exception; the military (as long as their child elected to move into the installations nearest serviceman's home of course).   

The notion of attending a secular college was regularly and very deliberately frowned upon by the NTCC leadership.  Consequently, most "faithful" NTCC parents didn't even consider attending a secular college a viable option for their children.  So here is my point and the main cause for my total and utter disgust.  

It is plainly apparent that G. Kekel was raised and brought up, (which is evidenced by the quite expensive academy he attended) to do anything other than attend the NTCS when he was old enough to do so.   One time while looking on Charles Wright Academy's website,  (which was the private school G. Kekel attended) we found a statistic which stated that LITERALLY,  (read carefully) %100 of all Charles Wright graduates went ahead to attend college.  Not %99 but %100 people. EVERYONE without exception.  So you expect me to believe that G. Kekel was being prepped and influenced as a child, to attend the NTCS when he was old enough to do so?   Not even.

So why did RWD place Mike Kekel in a position to be the head of the NTCC if, (as RWD put it himself for all to hear in conference) the Kekel's were FAILURES as Christian parents?  I'll tell you why; its because the NTCC is a family run business, (no more, no less) and all RWD really tried to accomplish with that statement, was to motivate a bunch of NTCC sucker parents to compel their children to attend the NTCS.  This would keep more money and people rolling into Graham to work on building crews, pay rent on RWD's houses, pay tithes and give till it hurt so the Kekels could do things like send their kid though a private high school at the cost of nearly $20,000 dollars a year and off to a SECULAR CATHOLIC COLLEGE when all was said and done.  Y'all got played and your kids childhood and young adulthood was stolen, ruined, and destroyed, leaving them with little more than memories of abuse, poverty, starvation and or food deprivation and little or no childhood fun whatsoever.  And this all took place right in front of your blind faces while RWD's grandson lived a wonderful childhood with all the pleasures of life.  Then you blindly watched all dumbfounded, while old RDUB and the Kekel's slapped you right across your silly faces when they sent G. Kekel off to a secular Catholic college.  

Your kids childhoods were robbed and so were you, so that G. Kekel could live a childhood rivaling the likes of someone born into royalty for crying out loud.  

RWD was a conniving con artist, and today the world is a better place, and lightning ain't struck me yet.   You are nothing more than a bunch of brainwashed complete suckers and dummies if you send your children to the NTCS. Ushered into the presence of the Lord?  Are you serious?  Actually I hope so, because that means a whole lot of us are going to make it with no problem if that's the case.   The bible doesn't make much mention of abusive con artists being ushered into the presence of the Lord but who am I to say.  Hopefully for a lot of our sakes, he made it, so we can chew him out when some of us show up.   That dude was no more than a con artist who stole the childhood from thousands of kids and who enabled child and wife abusers and child molesters. RWD said:  "If you don't have enough money, don't call Graham, get it from the people or are you afraid to ask them".  "Don't call Graham asking for money if you don't have a full schedule of services".  "Get it from the people".   Suckers, suckers, suckers.  Why do you think they have so many services each week?  Why do you think they have revivals?   When they need extra money, call a revival, take up an offering every day, and preach it themselves.   That way, all the money goes to them and not some traveling preacher looking for a paycheck to cover their travel expenses. 

Now get some of that!!!


Complete Lack Of Wisdom, (Continued).

A while back, Mike Kekel wrote an article on his blog called "Ain't Misbehaven". I'm astounded that Mike would even publish and openly display such information.  Approximately one year ago I posted an article referencing what Mike wrote titled "The Irony Of It All".  Directly below is a link which will take you straight to that article. 

Anyway, I wanted to repost what M.C. Kekel wrote because I'm still amazed  that he'd be so careless as to throw his father-in-law, RWD under the bus in such a fashion.  Either that, or it's part of yet another New Testament Christian Church master plan to allow in what they've called "compromise" for decades. 

M.C. Kekel wrote and I quote...

"I do not make the rules, and have only recently had opportunity to affect them. In the past I have only been in the unfortunate position of having to enforce them. That doesn't mean I agreed with them. If so be they were mistakes, they weren't mine. As for the church organization? I have nothing to do with policies and doctrines of the organization concerning things like TV (which ministers aren't to have if they carry license in NTCC- unless it is solely as a gaming monitor or something, and not connected to TV input) and couldn't change them if I wanted to. If that gets changed, Rev. Olson will have to do it by mandate or through board approval. I have no such power. Even in the Bible School realm I am limited."

"My influence on the bible school rules has only been to lighten them, not increase them. Further, since I wasn't a bible school student during that time, I was not UNDER those rules. The sports rule was not bible based to begin with, and was for bible school students. Not me."

Chief said... 

These statements absolutely amaze me!!!!!! They're jaw dropping.  I don't know how anyone in the New Testament Christian Church could ignore these statements if they have a conscience or any intelligence or common sense.  Do you really trust the NTCC leadership with the task of guiding you to heaven?  Really?  There are two people who are key leaders in the NTCC;  namely R.W. Davis and M.C. Kekel.   These statements (written by one NTCC executive board member, namely M.C. Kekel) made a complete mockery of the Founder of the NTCC, namely R.W. Davis.  Who do you think came up with all the rules and or endorsed every last one?  RWD!!!   Basically Mike wrote, (and of course I'm paraphrasing here) that he was the unlucky scapegoat who had the dubious distinction of having to enforce a bunch of bogus rules that he didn't agree with and had nothing to do with in the first place.   Boy if that ain't throwing RWD, and the rest of the general board under the bus, I don't know what in the world is?  

Listen here, armed with this information, I'd have no reason to believe that God inspired one single rule that RWD ever spewed out of his big fat mouth.   "Ask permission to go visit who"?  "Ask permission to stop where"?  "Ask permission to accept a job"?  "Ask permission to date or talk to who"?  "Stand against the wall just to talk to a woman"?  "You said it's a sin for all women to work"?  "Where is that rule found in the Bible, Proverbs 31"? "REALLY, ARE YOU SERIOUS, ARE YOU KIDDING ME"?  

Obey them that have rule over you?  When I know that they have a history of coming up with a bunch of bogus rules that Kekel doesn't even agree with, and he considers himself to be  unfortunate for even having to enforce them?  REALLY?  Huh!!  Never again.   I'm a grown man with a family to look out for.   You can follow a bunch of stupid rules and con artists if you want to but I'm not the one.


P.S.  I wouldn't follow M.C. Kekel or RWD to find a toilet (say no less as spiritual leaders) if I had diarrhea.


Mike Kekel Is So Full Of It. He's Such A Manipulative Con Artist.

This was first posted on 3/22/09
Thread #7 The three paragraphs below were written by Mike Kekel in response to Sergeant First Class Johnson's inquiries.
I didn't include his entire response because it's quite long. I wanted to address these three paragraphs in particular because frankly they are insulting to anyone with the ability to think for themselves and rightly recall the way things truly were and are in the New Testament Christian Church. Mike Kekel has willfully misrepresented the facts as I will clearly illustrate in my response. Please read Mikes response to SFC Johnson and then below that read my response to Mike's statements. 
Mike Kekel wrote:
1. My reply to your questions concerning my son playing sports is already on my blog, I think that I stated my reasons and the church’s stand on this quite plainly. Here’s the dictionary definition of lascivious (adjective) (of a person, manner, or gesture) feeling or revealing an overt and often offensive sexual desire: he gave her a lascivious wink. I don’t think football pants apply here, because they are all padded, cover the knees and do not stimulate sexual desire. (Of course there are people who find feet stimulating for that matter, but those kinds of problems are within them.) When he played basketball (over three years ago, and people knew about it) he was covered below the knee with baggy pants and wore a shirt with sleeves under the tank top.
2. The soul-winning program taught and implemented here in Graham, WA is nothing like you had under Hanna. He did what R. Denis told him to do, even back then. We have a two-hour soul-winning on Saturday, sometimes 3 for door-knocking days. That doesn’t include travel, but still it is short. It is made known that this is voluntary for church members, but students and ministers of course, are expected to be there. There is a voluntary (for all) soul-winning on weeknights in which a small group participates. We do not practice public humiliation of people for soul-winning inefficiencies or participation. The team leaders are restricted to this, and constantly reminded not to guilt trip people into giving more than 3 hours of the 168 hours in a week. Soul-winning should be an act of love for God, not an Egyptian slave-drive.
3. Don’t you find it interesting that Eric Hanna under whom you suffered such mistreatment, is no longer with us? The Organization would never have condoned the behavior you described. As under shepherds under the great Shepherd we will give an account of our works. The NTCC Seminary believes and teaches that the ministry is a sacred trust, and by definition is a life of service to God and people. Your issues are with Eric Hanna and his wife not NTCC. Did you ever report their behavior to a board member or overseer?
Chief's responses below to paragraph 1:
First I also looked up the word "Lascivious" in the dictionary and there were more definitions offered than Mike decided to calculatedly include. What that means is that Mike deliberately left out "other definitions" that were also listed in the dictionary. Here they are:
1. arousing desire: lascivious photographs 2. indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness: a lascivious gesture
These additional definitions paint a different picture. How about the definition: "arousing desire." We have all seen football players in TIGHT football pants before; true? Butts,  leg muscles and private parts tightly gripped by the pants reveling all the bodily curvature. Lets be real here; how many women do you suppose will find a man more sexually appealing in tight football pants verses a baggy set of overalls? Does that type of tight clothing not arouse sexual desire? Ask 20 women who aren't fake and see what their answer is? Mike your statement insults our intelligence. Women go crazy over guys in football pants and this is no mystery Mike. For the record, I could care less whether or not boys or men play football or for that matter I could care less about this whole lascivious issue. That is not my point. Anyone who has been in the New Testament Christian Church any length of time knows that at least 95% of the NTCC pastors to include RWD preached against the wearing of such tight clothing and they used the same logic that I just gave to support their claim. Every NTCC pastor that I ever had, (which was a total of 6) spoke or preached against this stuff and you know it Mike. Just admit that you want the old NTCC standards changed and stop being a liar because you know what you are saying is not true. You act like this stuff has been acceptable all along and that simply is not the case. Come on people, stop kidding yourselves because you know what I have written is true. Time to go to the next topic because this one is beginning to make me sick. 
Chief's responses below to paragraphs 2 & 3:
You said the soul winning program was nothing like the one that he had under Hanna. Well Mike, apparently you forgot to tell that some of the other pastors. You also forgot that I sat in the conference where "YOU" talked about the blitz creek approach. Thats right, you taught it Mike. You made it like we were going to our very last battle and I remember that fact clearly. You also talked about knocking on "100" doors. Mike that is not exactly a leisurely walk in the park like you made it out to be in your previous paragraph. You also talk about giving 3 hours out of 168 and that approach is once again deliberately "Manipulative" Mike. Lets take a look at the 168 hours as if it is all free time. Estimated time may very: (7 hours a day for sleep = 49), (8 hours a day for work = 40), (1.5 hours a day just to drive back and forth for work = 7.5) and for many folks that is a conservative estimate, (2 more hours a day and this includes all meals to feed your face and feed your kids = 14), (1.5 hours a day times 5 just driving back in forth to all the NTCC church services and this is conservative because you can't forget all the folks that you always wanted us to pick up for church = 7.5), (yard work for those of us that have to take care of our own yards that haven't been told by you to sell our house to move all over the nation unlike you = 2), (being in church in the NTCC = approx 6 hours a week and that is conservative Mike after all the stuff that the NTCC would have you do and for most folks it probably = 10 hours). Lets add this up. 10+ 2+ 7.5+ 14+ 7.5+ 40+ 49= 130 and that was a very conservative estimate because add another 1 hour for sleep or figure in school time and school work if you are in the bible school and you would easily come to over 140 or even 150 hours spent a week before you even thought about soul winning. I just took a hugh chunk out of that 168 so you need to stop, as you said, "GUILT TRIPPING" folks into soul winning because that is exactly what you just did when you talked about 3 out of 168. It was a manipulative guilt trip tactic and you are just as bad as the ministers that you mentioned when you used that tactic Mike.
Also Mike you put it all on Denis and Hanna? That is weak! Hanna was your man and you know it and Denis isn't the one who placed him in Savannah and all the other places that Hanna pastored at. Hanna was a minister long before Denis was in charge. You all thought Hanna was great until he got tired of your mess. RWD had to approve every pastoral placement and you were involved also Mike. Not only that, I spent time around Denis and he was quite a bit like so many other pastors that I have seen in your organization to include your father in law. Who do you think taught Denis and placed him in all those positions Mike? Your father in law; the great founder of the NTCC. Don't blame Denis or Hanna, blame your father in law Mike. Get real.

Also Mike stated that: "The Organization would never have condoned the behavior you described." Then you asked: "Did you ever report their behavior to a board member or overseer?"

Chief wrote...
The Organization does condone that type of behavior because I complained to three different overseers about Mayers who is way worse than Hanna by far and Mike Kekel even admitted to me that Mayers displays deplorable behavior as a pastor. Other pastors and overseers have made the same assessment and even talked about Mayers.  So why is Mayers still in Atlanta? Because what Mike Kekel wrote is not true. I am not the only one who complained about Mayers; his helpers did also. What was done? Nothing because the first complaints starting coming to the NTCC leadership about Mayers at least as early as 2002 and the last that I knew Mayers was still a pastor in Atlanta and if he was removed today, the NTCC leadership waited 7 years too long. Cantrell complained, Bentley complained, and I complained to Jones, Kinson, and Denis. 
Mr. Kekel, do you know what happened to me and my wife when we complained about an abusive pastor who even you have admitted is abusive? Your leadership blacklisted us and decided not to allow us to even attend conference after we had been going to conferences for years. Your leadership said that I couldn't even take up the offering in church (which doesn't mean jack anyway) and my wife couldn't play the piano which she is quite good at, and Olson questioned whether or not we should have even been allowed to attend fellowship meetings. That's where complaining about an abusive pastor got us Mr. Kekel. About 99% of the time anyone who complained about any pastor in the NTCC got blacklisted and you know it. Rev. Cantrell got in trouble for calling Graham and complaining about Mayers and Cantrell is a minister, so where does that put a "Lowly" church member with valid complaints when you won't even listen to your ministers? Do you know how many ministers and overseers had a problem with Denis? Mike, you had a problem with Denis and what happened to Denis? He got promoted. I rest my case. I was there when your father in law, Mr. RWD said openly in conference that if someone had a problem with one of his pastors they had a problem with him and if they had a problem with him they had a problem with GAWD. Who in the world would want to complain after hearing that statement. Mike you are fake and anyone reading this should be able to see that clearly. With your statements you are not being true to us nor are you being true to yourself because you know what goes on in the NTCC as well as anyone, and if you don't you are wrong because you are in charge. 

Mike ought to be a politician because he makes all kinds of promises that he knows aren't true and doesn't intend to keep. Once again it was the NTCC leadership who put Denis in all those positions of authority. It certainly wasn't me who nominated Denis, it was the general board, and they wouldn't speak against Denis because they are all scared of old RWD. They were all afraid to speak a word against Denis so what kind of leadership is that? Sounds like the communist government to me and I am not exaggerating one bit. Everyone is so scared of old RWD and as a result no one will talk or complain against anyone so I don't even know why you asked that of SFC Johnson.  Olson and RWD are all guilty of Denis having as much latitude as he did within the NTCC. Dispute that!!! Boy the truth hurts doesn't it? Every single solitary word that I just wrote is true. Matthew Reed had a problem with Denis, LD Jones had a problem with Denis, Mike Kekel had a problem with Denis. How do I know? Because they all told me they had a problem with Denis.  So what is wrong with this picture? Just like I said; you are all scared of RWD and as a result filing a complaint against anyone in your organization does no good (with few exceptions) so I don't even know why you suggested such a thing.
Once again I rest my case.